Women's Bathrobes

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Relax and unwind with this selection of stylish women's bathrobes adorned with bright prints and patterns. From silky gowns to fluffy robes, we've got it covered.

Snuggle up with a women's bathrobe on chilly nights at home.

Women's bathrobes in kimono wrap styles are loose and free for evenings lounging at home, whilst zip up robes offer a combination of coverage and comfort for days at the beach or spa. Choose a chunky fabric in a pastel shade to hang in your bathroom, keeping you cosy alongside your women's sports towels once you step out of the shower. Bold hues are perfect for putting a smile on your face in the morning, whilst minimal basics are sure to never go out of style. Alternatively, opt for a lightweight jersey option when you are going on holiday, layering over a slinky nightwear set for an extra layer of warmth.

Turn up the heat with a silky women's bathrobe.

Opt for chunky velour women's bathrobes when you're going to the beach, wrapping up after you've stepped out of the water so you can slip into a lightweight summer dresses. Go for a matching bathrobe and slippers when you're staying in hotels, bringing a touch of your home comfort to the journey ahead. Flannel fabrics can be particularly practical on such occasions, allowing you to create lightweight layers without taking up too much space in your travel bag. Whatever the weather, check out our colourful selection of women's bathrobes to mix feminine style with contemporary comfort.