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Sea breeze in your hair, sunshine warming your skin… and a pair of Cobian flip flops on your feet. The American brand has been bringing a touch of Cali surf style to warm weather outfits for over 20 years. You can expect versatile, contemporary looks and oh-so bouncy comfort (bonus).

Cobian flip flops: suitcase essentials

Leaving on a jet plane? Make sure to slot a pair of flip flops from Cobian in between your swimwear and straw hat. So much more than just a pretty face, these styles offer arch support and soles designed to cushion your feet. For your first day in paradise, choose a tan pair from the Cobian collection in soft leather (your feet will thank you) and pair with khaki cargo shorts, a vibrant graphic print T-shirt and your trusty aviator sunglasses. Just add a generous slap of factor 50, and you’re ready to explore the local town. When it’s time to hit the beach, swap your tee for a vest and roll out that beach towel. Make sure you’ve got plenty of beverages and snacks to hand - all this relaxing is hard work.

Cobian flip flips for closer to home

We can’t be jetting off to exotic locations all the time. Make the most of home turf with this collection of Cobian flip flops and sandals. Sunny strolls through the park call for a neutral pair worn with versatile denim shorts and a crisp white polo. Heading to your mate’s for a BBQ? Some stone-coloured chino cut-offs will do the trick, teamed with a short-sleeved shirt (we vote Hawaiian print) and wayfarers. The only accessory you’ll need is a six-pack of beer. Cheers to summer.