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A lot of contemporary fashion is all about precision - straight lines and measured dimensions. D.GNAK believes truly outstanding designs don't necessarily need to make sense. This is why the Korean designer Kang Dong Jun has brought imprecision to the drawing board, creating intriguing pieces that refuse to adhere to mainstream design concepts. This creativity can also be seen in the branding of his fashion line, by taking the reverse mirror image of his name Kang Dong Jun captures the insanity of his brand, it's rejection of popular templates. Launched in 2008, the success of the D.GNAK men's clothing range is unquestionable. All those interested in unusually captivating fashion flock to this label for the latest in avant-garde couture and unparalleled style. Why not explore the entire range here in the Zalando online boutique to get a taste for something different?

D.GNAK - distorting fashion into something beautiful

With a keen eye for distorting the details, D.GNAK takes a tried and trusted concept and breathes fresh life into it. As can be seen from the vibrant range of D.GNAK men's trousers and chinos range, this is certainly a brand that isn't afraid to part from tradition and experiment with new stylings and ideas. By designing a collection of garments in monochrome shades, this brand makes sure focus is tuned in on the eclectic tailorings. Similarly unusual designs are part and parcel of the D.GNAK men's t-shirts and jackets ranges with each design showcasing design features that set it apart from current trends. So if you're in need of something to refresh your wardrobe, inject some alternative style into it with a contribution from D.GNAK and watch those heads turn.