If you're struggling to find the perfect going-out ensemble, never fear - because with Frock and Frill you shall go to the ball. The brand specialises in evening dresses - with more lace, sparkle and sequins than you can shake a stick at.

Make sure you're the best-dressed guest with Frock and Frill

From 20s-inspired flapper dresses to 70s-style embroidered maxi dresses, vintage enthusiasts will find plenty to swoon over in our Frock and Frill collection. Stand out as a wedding guest (without upstaging the bride) in a dress with metallic embellishments - it makes a stylish change from the usual sea of floral and pastel designs. Give the look a modern, hard-edged twist by wearing your dress with a boyfriend blazer and slicking your hair back into a bun, adding a slash of red lipstick for a pop of colour. Maxi dresses are great for relaxed outdoor weddings, striking the perfect balance between formal and laid-back. Keep your hair down so you don't get mistaken for a bridesmaid - or else you might get roped into helping out with the ceremony. Make sure you choose a flowing style, so you have plenty of room to dance.

Embrace contemporary style with Frock and Frill

Pare down a Frock and Frill design for a rock 'n' roll look that works well for less formal events. Choose a knee-length style and pair it with some studded ankle boots and an animal print cardigan or coat for best results. Or, for understated urban style, team a pastel party dress with a floral blazer and a pair of white low-top trainers. Perfect for cocktail-crawling around the hottest bars in town.