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One of the most beloved sportswear brands in the world, Puma is sold in over 120 countries and sponsors a number of high profile athletic events from Formula 1 to the World Cup. The story of Puma men's fashion began in 1948 Germany, where the brand was first created by the Dassler brothers. The brothers eventually had a rift due to differences in opinion and Rudolf Dassler went on to start Puma on his own, notable for its unique design concepts and now-iconic leaping puma logo. Today, Puma for men includes a wide range of streetwear clothing, accessories, and footwear that combines urban trends with high performance technology. Puma men's fashion is suitable both on the athletic field and in the office, due to its versatility and quality.

Puma men's fashion - dress for casual success

Whether you're training for an important football match or are looking for stylish running gear, Puma for men includes all of the basic athletic separates needed to piece together a performance-oriented look. Sports shorts and trousers can be combined with printed tees and sports tops designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool and comfortable. Puma men's fashion also includes casual garments that are more suitable for the street than the track, including brightly coloured tops and zip-up jackets that can be layered with your favourite pair of jeans or shorts. The brand is known for its lightweight footwear, and Puma for men includes football boots, high top trainers, and cushioned sports shoes created with a strong attention to detail. These are available in eye-popping colours as well as basic black or white, notable for carrying the brand's standout logo.