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Men's socks for fitness and casual wear

There's nothing quite like the feel of a fresh new pair of socks. No matter whether you want to pick up a few casual pairs or need some for running or training, our men's socks selection has all you'll need.

You'll find hundreds of pairs of socks to choose from, in pretty much any colour you like. You can browse to your heart's content through the various brands, different patterns, lengths and styles. There's something for all ages and genders.

If you simply need to replenish your sock drawer, take advantage of our sock packs. They contain from three to nine pairs, either identical ones or in a variety of colours and patterns. You always have lots of choice on Zalando.

High performance socks for men

Fitness fans and sportspeople will find plenty of high performance athletic socks for men. These come from some of the world's most respected sportswear brands that are used by the world's top athletes and sports stars.

These athletic men's socks are made with advanced technologies that provide breathability and moisture absorption during high-intensity activities. This helps to keep your feet cool and dry when you're training or playing.

You can also get socks for specific sports, like our range of tennis socks. These are made from a comfortable, stretchy fabric combination of cotton, polyester and elastane. We also offer dedicated running socks, made from the same material blend.

Step out with designer cachet

If you like a touch of luxury even in your smallest clothing items, you'll really love our selection of designer socks for men. They're produced by some of the most celebrated luxury brands, from Denmark to our own High Street.

Like their athletic counterparts, they're also made from the latest fabric blends, created for comfort and durability. These men's socks typically combine breathable cotton with synthetic materials like polyamide.

We offer the latest ranges as they're released, so you can always get the trendiest socks hot off the production line. The designer logos are prominently displayed for you to showcase your great taste and fashion-forward style.

Choose your favourite types of men's socks

We're not a one-size-fits all outlet – you can choose the type of sock that you most prefer. If your style is on the classical side, we have plenty of traditional length socks reaching the mid-calf.

You can also easily find mid-ankle socks, and "secret socks" with ultra-low profiles for a carefree sockless look. If you need full length socks, to play football for instance, there's a wide choice of those too.

With such a comprehensive range of men's socks to suit all tastes and activities, you don't need to look any further to find exactly what you want. Remember to keep an eye out for our red discount tags, too.