Men's Sandals

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Whether you're jetting off to an exotic location or spending an afternoon at a garden party, a pair of men's sandals are an essential addition to any footwear collection. A truly effortless shoe, a great pair of sandals offers both comfort and style all in one. Also crafted from high quality materials, these versatile sandals are ergonomically designed to keep you looking and feeling great. For the definitive go-to shoe this season, check out this vast range of men's sandals. Whether you prefer slip-ons, flip flops or Velcro strap sandals, you're sure to find a stylish pair you can wear from the beach to a summer party.

Men's sandals are a true style staple this summer

To create the perfect, laid-back summer style, pair airy men's sandals with the latest print beach shorts and a vest top, accessorising with a wicker trilby or an eye-catching belt. An understated pair of men's sandals in a subtle, earthy shade mix well with cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Not only does this simple look ensure comfort throughout the day, but you can also tackle various terrains thanks to the special grip on selected sandals. If you aren't as athletically minded, you can just as easily brighten your poolside look by co-ordinating your swimming trunks with a vibrant pair of flip flops. These men's sandals offer great comfort whether you decide to go hiking, enjoy a family BBQ or even enjoy drinks as the suns sets, so wear them with smart chinos and a classic polo shirt for style that easily transfers from day-to-night.

Men’s sandals offering contemporary coolness with every step

Step into a world of casual cool with men’s sandals for every personality. Long gone is the reputation these high-comfort shoes had of being suitable only for home and poolside parties, sandals now represent an authentic style that, when worn right, can elevate an outfit into authentic sophistication or streetwear swag too. With functionality and utility making sandals one of the oldest styles of shoes known to man, they have evolved with each era, continuing to remain one of the most relevant styles of footwear ever created. With so many adaptations on a theme, the sandal as a style now encompasses sub-styles such as flip-flops, sliders, leather traditional sandals, Huarache sandals, walking sandals and a host of others. Browse this comprehensive collection of men’s sandals and free your feet as the days begin to warm.

When an urban sunny day is calling for a relaxed look, pull out any number of stylish staples from your sandal collection and be ready for whatever comes your way. Confidently brunch with friends or go shopping in comfortable leather slip-ons. Hit the outdoor hiking trails or a picnic with the free, yet strapped feeling that comes Velcro-fastened walking sandals. When the sun sets and you want to enjoy a meal at a bistro or a movie date, keep your feet comfortable whilst still looking your best with a smart pair of classic high-fashion buckle-ups.

Sport enthusiasts, get your share of the comfort with sandals for men

Athletically-inclined guys know the power of having a pair of sandals for men. When finishing up a workout and heading to the mall, a lazy barbecue or even just home to chill, sports brands step up to bring the ultimate cool-down slider, perfectly worn with socks for a streetwear look. If you’re a fan of this ultra-cool look, top fashion houses have caught on to the slider buzz, showcasing them as a major trend right now. You can find premium labels representing the slider game, making waves with young celebrities on the ‘Gram and backed by some of the hottest names in hip-hop and pop music. Famous for being one of the most comfortable shoes ever created, the ‘walking-on-air’ feeling from a slider is a major selling point alongside their bright colours and quirky styles.

Holiday poolside hangs just got infinitely cooler with this season’s sandals for men. Chill by the pool or on the beach with ultra-slim flip-flops that have stood the test of time in the fashion and utility world. When it’s time to get your feet wet there is no need to worry about slipping with durable thongs especially created with water in mind. With grippy inner and outer soles for traction no matter how wet the surfaces are, you can enjoy holiday-mode knowing your sandals will keep you grounded, protected and effortlessly stylish.

Sophistication anchored with classic men’s high-fashion sandals

But what about when it’s time to clean up for a more formal occasion? Certain styles of sandals are not only acceptable in modern smart-casual settings, but some brands have gone the extra mile to ensure modern sandals for men speak volumes as a fashion statement. Worn with or without socks and paired with the likes of a linen suit, pressed Chinos, and a fedora, or a snappy blazer and jeans, premium brown or black leather sandals for men are really showing up in the trends department. Look for brands to give an edge to a dressy outfit on a hot summers night. Wherever your day takes you, or your night ends up, or what your holiday entails, there are sandal choices that will not only add utility and convenience to your life, but give you comfort, freedom of movement, and an edgy authenticity that lets your peers see your chilled and casual side too.