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While once upon at time sneakers were just purpose-serving sports shoes, this collection of men’s trainers shows how this style of footwear now serves trendsetters both on and off the field.

Go-to favourites: men’s trainers

Choose a good pair of day-to-day trainers for men as you’ll be spending a lot of time in them. Retro, minimally constructed canvas lace-ups with a rounded rubber toe and wide-set laces are great with rolled-up cotton trousers and a striped T-shirt. For something with a little more terrain-tackling potential, look for thick, grippy soles and tough leather or synthetic uppers in earthy or khaki green hues. Multicolour styles work well with a graphic tee, or go for men’s sneakers in black or white to create a monochrome look. For the super active, try sporty styles with a substantial sole and springy heel.

The luxe end of men’s trainers

While hard-nosed gym coaches of yesteryear might scoff, the lowly trainer has now reached the runway and is capable of helping you pull off high-fashion looks. Luxurious and unusual materials feature across this collection of trainers for men, including snakeskin effect leather, suede and even corduroy. Concept trainers feature deconstructed or layered uppers, hollowed-out heels and a mish-mash of materials - team with plain black jeans and a longline T-shirt to let them stand out. Some designers featured across this collection of trainers for men give the shoe an original graphic design or pattern, lending your look a one-off, exclusive feel. High-tops, often featuring side-zips for easy pulling on, give a hint of hip-hop cool when combined with skinnies and a snapback.

An exciting variety of the latest trendy trainers for men

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop where you can browse through all kinds of fashionable and functional men’s trainers, you’ve found it right here. From casual poolside slip-ons to hardcore training shoes, they’re all on offer. You’ll be able to pick up trainers from some of the world’s elite sports manufacturers. You can also get limited edition trainers for men created in collaboration with celebs and sports stars. Still others come direct from some of the world’s most famous designers.

Your casual wear needs are well taken care of. A wide choice of designs and styles will allow you to find just the right trainers to match your personal style – and you can wear them with many different outfits. If you’re meeting friends for casual drinks then a pair of classic docksiders or slip-ons will be just the ticket. You can get these models in supple synthetic leather or with comfortable textile uppers, and in a range of sophisticated colours.

If you prefer the sneaker style look, there’s plenty on offer too. These classic trainers for men are made with the traditional canvas uppers with either contrasting or matching laces and soles. They have the traditional low-cut profile, and you can wear this just as comfortably with or without socks – they come with inner sock liners to help keep your feet fresh and prevent slippage that could lead to chafing.

Men’s trainers that mean business

Turning to the sporting side of things, you’ll also be able to take your pick of serious men’s trainers built for dedicated sports training. Once again you’ll have a choice of leather of textile uppers from some of the most sought-after sports brands in the world. There are all-purpose running shoes, crammed full of the latest technology, which will suit your general fitness training needs. They have breathable materials that keep fresh air circulating inside while you’re training, and carefully place cushioning to help absorb impact. Durable rubber and synthetic outsoles offer high levels of grip.

You’ll also be able to get trainers designed for specific sports. There are specialised court shoes for tennis and squash, and plenty of high-top trainers for basketball, for instance. They are purpose-built to support your feet and enhance your performance, whether you’re training or playing an actual competitive game. Our tennis and squash shoes give you a choice of retro or modern styling, and are made from either real or faux leather.

The most advanced trainers you’ll find on Zalando have all kinds of modern tech built in. Some have intelligent cushioning that responds to your foot hitting the ground by returning some of that energy to give you a boosted lift-off effect with each step. This can really make a difference when you’re pushing through the lactic acid barrier in the last stages of a running race.

Premium brands with sustainability in mind

You’ll easily be able to find sustainable fashion options in this selection of trainers for men too. We place an emphasis on these models, and you’ll find them highlighted for easy identification. For example, we have leather trainers that observe the Leather Working Group protocols, made by brands that have been audited and certified for their use of sustainable materials. Similarly, many that use cotton blends in their uppers source their materials from the Better Cotton Initiative that promotes and supports sustainable cotton farming.

Zalando offers you the best of both worlds. You get the most sought-after premium men’s trainer brands. At the same time you get the peace of mind of knowing that you’re doing another small thing for the environment when you buy them.