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Stighlorgan accessories are crafted with big journeys in mind, whether that’s a hike into the forest or a daily commute through an urban jungle. Time to get packed.

Ready for adventure with Stighlorgan backpacks

Hailing from Dublin and East London, Stighlorgan is rapidly becoming known as a company that crafts well-made and hard-wearing accessories. Its designs include technical details teamed with a modern appearance, reflecting the brand’s individual aesthetic: bold European style meets American utility. Each accessory is branded with the distinctive Stighlorgan logo, while dark, earthy tones and strong shapes give an edgier, smart casual look. Simply pull on a bomber jacket, durable lace-up boots that will go the distance and classic black jeans. You’ll soon be traversing the city-country divide with ease.

Explore the world on your doorstep with Stighlorgan bags

Both functional and versatile, these backpacks are intended to be constant companions, for a trek to the office or a weekend getaway into the wilderness. Stighlorgan bags are both practical and pleasing to the eye, being a reasonable size and possessing roomy and secure pockets - whether you’re carrying a laptop or gym gear. Adjustable straps fit well on the shoulders for even weight distribution, while robust handles have been designed to sit comfortably in your palm. Each product is an investment, with high-quality stitching that has produced sturdy bags and backpacks for an active lifestyle.