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From watery pastels to bold shades and oil-slick metallic finishes women's headphones complement and accessorise your outfits. Let the colours and finishes of these funky headphones slip right into your own personal style.

Women's headphones - Fashion to be heard

No self-respecting music lover would be caught without their women's headphones, whether they're discreet earbuds or in-your-face headsets. Choose jeans with pockets big enough to hold your music devices safely and securely then snake your headphone wires up inside your T-shirt or hoodie. Wearing them like this means that when your attention is needed elsewhere your headphones turn into instant necklaces, adding glittery hints of metallics to your looks.

Daily fashion with women's headphones

Create a fashion statement by letting colourful wires run on top of your office wear, making sure the colours either coordinate or clash depending on your fashion style. If you don't want to mess up your hairstyle on the way to work, or simply want another way to look urban cool, then turn women's headphones into futuristic necklaces and turn up the volume. It's probably best not to try this look on a train full of sleepy commuters! The designers of outerwear are even catching on with many hooded coats, like parkas, featuring headphone holes. Or, simply let headphones blend into your overall accessory combos, choosing gold and silver days or teaming pretty pastel wires with summery necklaces and straw bags.