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Women’s loafers for easy comfort and style

Comfortable. Stylish. Classy. Loafers are a timeless classic perfect for office wear and your everyday wardrobe. They’re easy to slip on while you’re rushing out the door and slide right off the second you get home after a long day.

Classic women's loafers are made of leather and have a flat or slightly raised heel. They're designed for you to slip them on and don't have laces or any other fastening system. Many come with small tassels or a strap across the forefoot as an extra decorative touch.

These days, you can still find plenty of women's loafers that fit the classical look and plenty that are a little more boundary-pushing. For example, some options may include laces, but they usually won't need to be tied and retied; instead, they're more of a decorative touch. You can also find a range of different material options, including imitation leather or canvas uppers

Loafer shoes step out of the office and into the future

Once associated with those working in offices, loafers have become a much broader trend in recent years. More and more brands are releasing their own version of this classic shoe, giving you plenty of options. It also means that there are plenty of price points, so it's easy to get a pair of shoes you love while still sticking to your budget.

Loafer shoes are super versatile and will work just as well with your office wardrobe as they do with your go-to errand running outfit. During the week, pair them with your favourite blazer and suit pants, and on weekends a simple white tee is easily elevated with some chic women's loafers.

If you love to have fun in the sock department, loafers are the perfect shoe for you. The forefoot usually only comes about two-thirds of the way up your foot, so they're a great way to show off your favourite quirky, patterned socks. If you want to keep things a little more traditional, you can opt for neutral colours like grey, brown and navy or simple shades of black and white.

The right loafers for your style

Most loafers come in either matte or shiny black, making them a super easy-to-style option that won't look out of place with any part of your wardrobe. But, if you're looking for a loafer that's a little more daring, you can also find some brighter, bolder shades. Think burnt orange, neon green, pastel purple and plenty more.

Loafers come in a range of heel heights, making them an excellent option everyone can wear, whether you prefer a flat heel or a bit of extra height. The soles are usually similar to winter boots, providing excellent durability regardless of whether you go for a flat shoe or a heel.

Chunky lug soles are particularly on trend at the moment, which is excellent news for those of you who love the extra height and extra comfort. Thick heels provide plenty of support, while a lug sole provides the traction you need to keep your footing. These options usually include extra height at both the heel and the forefoot for a balanced feel while you're walking. Loafer shoes are the epitome of style that meets comfort.