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A selection of women’s shoes from smart to sporty

From ultra-casual to smart sophistication – whatever you’re looking for in a pair of women’s shoes, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. If you simply want a pair of comfy shoes to pad around the house, they’re easy to find. Looking for a versatile pair of running shoes as all-round fitness trainers? There are plenty of those waiting for you on Zalando too. For serious competitors, we have equally serious women’s trainers and shoes designed for specific sports purposes. And if you’re looking for fashionable shoes to pair with a trendy outfit, you’ll be able to find them here.

For ultra-casual shoes and stay-at-home comfort, we have all the most popular styles, many of which are made by premium brands. If you’re after sandals, for instance, you can choose Birkenstocks that are not only stylish and comfy, but are also made with vegan-friendly materials. You can also choose hybrid shoes, which are a combination of sliders and sandals, with padding to cosset your feet. If you’re more of a Crocs person, we have plenty of these beloved shoes in a choice of colours as well. Otherwise you can take your pick of sliders, flip-flops and custom-designed pool shoes.

There are also wonderfully comfortable slippers, some with full heels, others without them. These are typically made with a lightly padded inner sole and a soft synthetic textile upper. You have a choice of fabrics, from felt to suede and synthetic textiles, some with faux fur trimming for extra warmth. Others have a slider type design, with fluffy padded bands, and you can also get closed or open toe mules.

Versatile, fashionable shoes for women

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes for women that you can wear socially, you’ll be able to find everything from casual sneakers to the smart yet trendy boots and evening wear heels. Here you’ll find fashionable shoes from a wide cross-section of UK and international design houses. Court shoes come in a choice of heel heights and stylish colours so that you can find the right pair to match your cocktail or evening outfits.

These formal women’s shoe designs range from classic stilettos to low-heeled models with ankle straps. You’ll also find a choice of materials, from leather to imitation leather and synthetic suede. Some are understated, while others will stand out with sparkly rhinestones and other detailing. You’ll also find some niche women’s footwear on Zalando. There are the classic ‘80s ballet pumps, complete with bows. Some of these have been updated with stylish modern ankle straps. There are even moccasins with leopard skin prints if that takes your fancy.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to women’s boots too. Whether you’re after the classic Chelsea boot ankle cut or a pair of knee-high leather boots, you’ll be able to find them on Zalando. We also offer cowboy boots and biker boots in a choice of colours and styles. You can have baby blue fake crocodile skin boots or khaki and silver paisley combinations, to mention only two of the more unusual styles.

Train in comfort and style with women’s sports shoes

For those who’re looking for a pair of women’s trainers, you can choose from a selection covering everything from retro court shoes to the most modern running shoes. All the world’s elite sports shoe brands are well represented.

These are made from highly-engineered materials – breathable uppers are paired with contoured cushioning inner soles and tough, high-traction outer soles. Snug sock liners keep them securely on your feet, without constricting your feet at all. You can have them in a choice of soft leather or synthetic textiles.