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Stand out from the crowd, with sequin dresses

Look sophisticated and feel great, with our sequin dresses collection. Choose from a variety of sparkling dresses from your favourite brands, so you’ll be ready for every eventuality. With a selection of designs and styles available, there’s a sequin dress that will complement every wardrobe. Ensure all eyes are on you wherever you go, with sequin dresses on Zalando.

Sequin dresses on Zalando offer a dazzling combination of glamour, style and elegance. These dresses are adorned with shimmering sequins that catch the light and create a mesmerising effect that is sure to turn heads. Perfect for a variety of events, from formal dinners to New Year's Eve celebrations, there's something for every occasion. There’s also a wide range of dresses suitable for your special day, be it a wedding or a prom. No matter the event, a sequin dress is sure to help you shine.

Quality dresses with sequins that are made to last

The dresses with sequins range on Zalando ensures you not only look the part but feel it too. Sequins are great on dresses because they are not only visually stunning but also durable. A sequin is usually made from plastic or PVC material, which makes it resistant to wear and tear. This material is also lightweight, which makes it easy to attach to clothing without weighing it down. Add to that wrinkle-resistant properties and your dress will remain looking great from start to finish. Sequins also retain their shape well and are highly stain resistant, helping to ensure your dress looks newer for longer.

The linings of these sequin dresses also make sure your dress is comfy and durable. Cotton is a naturally breathable fabric that helps to promote ventilation, keeping you cool when the temperature rises. This material is also durable, being resistant to tearing and abrasion, and it has the ability to withstand multiple washes without losing its shape or colour. Another lining option is silk, which is naturally sweat wicking; the fabric soaks up moisture when you perspire. Combine that with quick-drying properties and your dress remains looking great even if you get caught in a rain shower.

Enjoy inclusive dresses that are made to fit

The sequin dress range comes in a variety of sizes, ensuring it’s inclusive for all to enjoy. With maternity, plus size and tall options available, everybody can enjoy this great collection. Add to that a variety of fits, and you’ll be good to go. A skinny fit hugs the contours of your body, offering great comfort, whereas oversized sequin dresses give you more room to stretch out, so you’re natural movements aren’t inhibited. You can choose the shape of your dress as well, which is the cherry on top of this superb line. For example, a flared dress provides you with the iconic look, whilst a fitted dress is ideal for those that want to ooze elegance.

The collection of sequin dresses comes in various colours, so you can match your new item to the rest of your wardrobe with ease. Stand out from the crowd with a multi-coloured or bright dress. Alternatively, if you need a dress for a more formal occasion, you can go for a neutral colour like black or white. No matter your preference, there’s something for everyone on Zalando.