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Christmas jumpers for the whole family

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more varied and inspiring range of Christmas jumpers than those featured here. Some are as traditional as they come, while others stretch the definition to new levels of stylistic expression. You can get them on Zalando for all ages and all genders. Some are exclusively festive wear, unless you want funny looks during the rest of the year, while others make comfortable jumpers at any time.

Your standard Christmas jumpers haven't changed much in either style or materials over time, so there are lots of these available on Zalando. They're made from a knitted acrylic, and feature the traditional Christmas iconography, like reindeer, snowflakes and holly in the characteristic horizontal pattern of a Christmas jumper. They come in traditional colours too, with plenty of reds, greens and whites. Ribbed cuffs and a crew neck complete the design.

Other patterns and prints you can choose from include bright and bold cartoon renditions of characters like Santa Clause, while others have polar bears and various items associated with Christmas, like red and white socks, elves and gingerbread people. You also have the option of essentially plain tops, with small Christmas detailing along the edges if you prefer something more subtle.

Christmas jerseys for your quirky side

If you're someone who really gets into the festive spirit and loves to wear something a little unusual, you'll find Christmas jerseys that have a more humorous take on the holidays. These include jumpers with cute slogans for kids and adult parodies of Christmas iconography. They're all in good fun, and will certainly brighten up your family get-together.

If you've got the central heating on but you still want to wear a traditional jumper inside to mark the occasion, you can get versions of traditional Christmas jumpers without sleeves. They also have deep V-necks for a cooling effect and are made from pure cotton. You also have a choice of traditional patterns or fun festive slogans.

You can opt to go in the opposite direction and get yourself a cosy Christmas jumper dress. These are knee-length and made from soft acrylic. They're monochrome, tastefully decorated with Christmas motifs in sequins. You can confidently wear this kind of jumper dress to a semi-formal restaurant for dinner.

The cutest kids' jumpers for Christmas

Our kids' Christmas jumpers deserve special mention. You can get them for children from as young as four. They have crew necks and elasticated waists, with an easy straight fit so that you don't have to struggle to get them on or off a wriggly little one. These are also made from soft and gentle acrylic.

Christmas-themed jersey dresses are equally adorable. They have an outer layer of cotton, reinforced with a polyester inner for extra warmth. Their tops have Christmas animal decals on the front. You can also get more elaborate models made from a polyester and elastene jersey tulle, with metal interweave and sequins.

The young ones can also have Christmas jersey dresses if they want. They have a fun faux-fur fabric, made from acrylic. Just like the adult versions, they come decorated with bold sequin designs.