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A wonderful diversity of bags for women to explore

If you have a taste for high-quality accessories, you'll be delighted at our selection of bags for women. From formal to trendily casual, from everyday bags to designer items, this is the place for you to explore a huge variety. There are literally dozens upon dozens!

These bags are come in countless designs, so it's really easy for you to find exactly the one you need, whether it's to complement your wardrobe or for a special occasion. There are plain designs with straight lines, all the way to some very quirky ones with imaginative shapes.

You'll be able to get almost any type of bag you desire. We offer shoulder bags, handbags and clutch bags. Some have dual straps so that you can carry them the way you prefer. Tote bags and bucket handbags are also plentiful in this desirable selection of bags for women on Zalando.

A treasure trove of women's bags

Browsing through our women's bags, you'll come across a lot of elegant formal numbers, many in classic black with subtle detailing. Many are top-drawer, made by some of the most celebrated fashion brands. They have superior materials, like genuine leather or sophisticated modern leather equivalents.

Others have more intricate styling, with various colour combinations. Have a look at some little tote bags, made from a polyester/polyurethane material, with a braided faux leather feel. These have shoulder and hand straps. There's a single main compartment with a purpose-made mobile phone pocket inside

You'll also see bags for women in lush cream and caramel colours. A good example is a designer mini duffel bag with contrasting straps. The brand's logo is attached as a large medallion, and also imprinted on the outer textile material. Stylish buckles complete the look.

Unusual bags to stretch your imagination

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, we have some unusual bags for women to show you. How about a handbag derived from a running trainer, complete with mesh inserts and shoelaces? These have an exaggeratedly large snap fastener and a handle that resembles a cushioned shoe collar.

Alternatively, step right out of the mainstream with a pink heart-shaped designer bag, made to look like the front of a biker jacket, zips and all. It even has lapels with snap stud fasteners. Made from pure leather, it's at once chic and sturdy.

This only scratches the surface of all the bags for women that you can buy right here. No matter what your personal taste calls for, there'll be something to catch your eye and quicken your fashion pulse.