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Women's flared jeans: Iconic vintage apparel with a modern twist

This emblem of the '70s is back again and looking better than ever. Women's flared jeans have a unique silhouette that makes excellent use of the structure and weight of denim. Although they're probably most associated with the '70s, they keep coming back decade after decade with plenty of iconic looks from the '90s and '00s to inspire you.

A patterned boho blouse will emphasise the '70s throwback vibes while an athleisure crop is a timeless look. Pair them with a block long-sleeve top or button up and you've got yourself a trendy work-appropriate outfit (as long as your workplace allows denim). When it comes to the jeans themselves, a more dramatic flare will feel more '70s, while more streamlined looks feel more turn of the millennium. Long-line styles are the most iconic, but cropped cuts tend to look more business-appropriate.

Low waists are also back in and we've got plenty of options that will have you keeping up with the latest trend. But don't worry, also have options with extra coverage so you can still get flared jeans with high waists if you prefer.

Make women's bootcut jeans your new season fave

Flared jeans for women work perfectly with boots, which makes sense as slimmer options are sometimes called bootcut jeans. Platform boots are an excellent choice that helps keep your hemline off the floor. A chunky heel is another popular option. Bootcut jeans invariably draw attention to your shoes, so it's a great opportunity to show off your favourite pair.

Pair your new flared jeans with a woollen jumper and your go-to winter coat, for a cold-weather look that's practical and stylish. Stick within the season with dark blue, black and grey options or brighten up a winter's morning with pale blue, white, or even bright red jeans.

Alternatively, you can lean into the grunge, slouchy look and embrace the dragging hem. A pair of long-length blue bootcut jeans and a slouchy, oversized T-shirt, can elevate your old, beat-up sneakers from a practical comfort to a true fashion statement. It also takes your flared jeans out of the '70s and into the '00s.

A flare that fits

While women's flared jeans have an iconic silhouette, each pair is cut a little differently, so every style and size can find their perfect fit. Slim-fitting options hug your figure around your waist, hips and thighs, flaring out after the knees. This creates a unique bold look that's sure to make a statement.

Alternatively, you can opt for a looser fit. These jeans will still fit nice and snug around your waist, but they'll give you plenty of room to breathe. The flare won't be as obvious, but you'll still be able to fit your favourite boots under them. Paperbag waists are also popular in this style and they're a trendy way to create an elevated casual look.

Whichever cut you prefer and however you want to style them, your new flared jeans will benefit from proper care. Follow all care instructions, including air drying, no bleach and minimal (low heat) ironing. These jeans keep coming back, so make sure your pair is always ready to go.